Cop vs Gangsters

Instructional first-person shooter that lets players fight crime as a police officer in multiplayer campaigns


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  • Category Action
  • License Free
  • Version 1.32
  • Size 38.28 MB
  • Works under Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8.1
  • Language English
  • Program by

Cops vs. Gangsters is a first-person shooter game primarily designed for children and young adults.

As opposed to many first-person shooter games that are currently on the market, Cops vs. Gangsters allows the player to take the approach of a highly skilled police officer. The job of this professional is to eliminate several hardcore gangs within an urban setting. In some ways, this platform can be seen to mirror the classic Doom-styled games; one character will have to take on and outwit a number of computer-generated opponents. It should also be noted that this game is much more suited for the younger generation. While this may be slightly undesirable for those into blood and gore, parents can remain confident that their children are not witnessing an overload of violence.

Three-Dimensional Excitement

Of course, we should mention that Cops vs. Gangsters will not display graphics such as those encountered in more memory-laden platforms such as Call of Duty or HALO. The characters can appear a bit angular and their movements are not as realistic as they would be in some other games. They are still quite impressive and thanks to a three-dimensional appeal point of view, the player will indeed feel as if he or she is in the centre of the action.

Weapons and Customisations

Another interesting addendum to Cops vs. Gangsters is that the player will have a number of different weapons to choose from as he or she progresses through the levels. Some of these include a pistol, an automatic weapon, a shotgun and an UZI submachine gun. While these may make quick work of the gangsters, they will also be provided with more powerful weapons throughout the levels. A health bar, an ammunition count and the number of enemies remaining can all be seen on the bottom of the screen. For those who become bored constantly competing against the computer, there is a multi-player mode where other real-life gamers can join in the fight.

System Requirements

A memory capacity of 1024 megabytes is recommended alongside at least 1000 megahertz of processing power and the Direct X 9.0 video codec. This game is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.


  • The platform is easy to learn
  • Many customised weapons
  • A multi-player mode is available


  • Slightly poor graphics
  • Suited for children and teenagers more than for adults
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